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We opened based on one basic principle: A woman should be allowed to dress in whatever way makes her look and feel beautiful inside and outside, whoever she is and wherever she is.  Period.  We believe that each woman looking and dressing her best is expressing her femininity and independence.  If your style of dress provokes, offends or bothers someone, that is more a reflection on the attitude of that person than on your right to dress however you please.

Crop tops have long been a staple for both comfort and elegance.  The soft feel and skin exposure makes them perfect for hot days of for a different way to express and magnify your natural beauty.  

 Our crop tops don't pretend to be anything else.  They are short, and will definitely show your stomach.  However, they allow the woman who dares to be comfortable in her own skin and love her own body to show her beauty to the world with the self-confidence that all women deserve to have.

Our crop tops are high-quality, comfortable, high quality tops that be used in many different ways. Many of our tops can be used for exercising, casual days, or dressing up.  Our tops allow you to dress comfortably and look stunning no matter how much or little time you want to spend getting ready for your day. 

We find our models and brand reps from our customers and social media fans, and our models and employees fully embrace our products.  Our models for example, own most of our tops, and wear them almost daily when the weather permits (and sometimes even when it doesn't). 

We believe in a sustainable business model.  None of our tops are made in a sweatshop.  Our designer and producer provides humane and enjoyable working conditions for all of her employees.  All of our production process uses local businesses in the San Diego Tijuana metropolitan area.

At this time, our business is small.  As we grow, we will offer a larger selection of our products, and more variations.  We believe in our business model and principles, and welcome all ideas from our clients.  Feel free to drop us an email on a product idea that you have.  Thank you for choosing to shop with us.

Sirenaz By Lyla

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Esmeralda Garibay said: love the look!


Irene Fiala said: Very Happy

This top was exactly what I was looking for and needed. Very happy with my purchase.

Izabella Angelique said: LOVE

Love these crop tops & this one specifically. So cute and so comfortable!

Hydee Ramirez said: Awesome shirts shirts

The quality of shirts are Excellent and Jessie is very prompt and professional when inquiring about custom designs. I love my shirts!!!

stephanie askew said: 5/5

3/4 Sleeve Black and Red Raglan Crop Top